T Drake Roofing now offer Rhepanol Membrane PIB Single Ply Roofing

Rhepanol is a PIB [poly-iso-butylene] rubber based material.


Recommended by many architects and used in new builds Rhepanol can be laid directly over the existing flat roof covering or any suitably prepared decking, an intergrated synthetic fleece backing provides a secure fastening, allows diffusion, and protects against stresses from the substrate.


There are two types of Rhepanol:


Rhepanol fk

Rhepanol fk features an intergrated self-sealing edging, ensuring instantly watertight and permanently secure seams. No hot bitumen, torches, or air guns needed for installation.
Typically used for most single-ply roofing jobs Rhepanol fk can be mechanically fixed, bonded or ballasted.


Rhepanol hg

Rhepanol hg, like Rhepanol fk, is based on polyisobutylene (PIB) and meets the requirements of DIN 16731 and DIN 20000-201.

Rhepanol hg has a central glass fleece reinforcement instead of the synthetic fleece backing found on the Rhepanol fk.
Hot air welding is used during installation to join the seams on Rhepanol hg.
Designed for the build up of green roofs, the roofing membrane Rhepanol hg meets all requirements drawn up for a secure waterproofing of roof gardens.

Some of the many advantages of using Rhepanol for your new single ply flat roof:


  • Securely seals all seams
  • Synthetic fleece backing
  • Compatible with Bitumen
  • Suitable for most flat roof applications
  • UV Resistant
  • Fleece Backing Flexible to –60ºC
  • Will not support moss growth
  • Free of Plasticisers
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High resistance to perforation
  • Easily upgradable
  • Does not blister or crack
  • Long Warranty


Rhepanol is currently the only system available with a full ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ meeting ISO 14040 part ff standard.
This proves that the product has ‘no significant environmental impacts’ in all stages from manufacturing to installation and right up to disposal.


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